Screened colleagues

Enjoy professional, reliable and screened partnerships

No members can join the ALFA Logistics Family Alliance without having a proven record of being
a reliable forwarding company and having the professional capabilities to interact with our present members.

Our application procedures are very strict and potential new ALFA members require to give various global reference checks before being accepted in our family network. No company can pass our enrollment procedures without having any references form the industry.

Screened & Reliable

The screening process for application will include the new applicant’s financial status, proven record of operations, local and global reputation in the logistics industry and sales potentials and strengths, in order to confirm they are a truly reliable forwarding company.

All applicants will need to agree, sign and most important apply our ALFA “code of ethics”. Those companies in disagreement with the ALFA philosophy or strategy will not be allowed to enter into our logistics family.

Focus on quality

Thanks to our non-profit network philosophy, ALFA is able to focus strictly on quality. We do not sacrifice our quality standards for the sake of simply adding more members … NO … our focus remains on protecting our membership quality.

Moreover in view of our insolvency programs and payment protection program we cannot allow ourselves to accept newcomers who have no proven record of a reliable forwarding company.

Our financial programs are the prove of our quality … !!

The ALFA financial protection offered to our membership does simply not allow 2nd ranked forwarders to join since this would jeopardize and endanger the financial protection of all our members … !!!

Many of our present members are carrying FIATA, IATA licenses or are AEO, CT-Pat or ISO certified.
It gives a clear value to their companies as a reliable forwarding company of our industry and is a quality reference for their colleague ALFA members they can be fully trusted.

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