Payment Protection Program

Membership protection up to 25.000/annum

Prior of running into any financial dispute with any of your ALFA family members, we have our Payment Protection Program (3P) ready to assist all of you to anticipate any delayed payments without our logistic family.

ALFA offers a tailor-made insurance cover in case of insolvencysuspected insolvency or protracted default of one of its member up to US$ 25.000 per member.

Through our monitoring system we invite our ALFA members to report their outstanding payments with their partners within the network. From there they have the choice to announce this payment attitude to the other colleague members or not.

With ALFA our Payment Protection Program is not software controlled or reported … simply because we feel the human interaction with delayed payments is simply too important to be handled by a computer without any emotion, evaluation or situational anticipation. This requires a personalized intervention from the ALFA staff … !!

Our main focus is to keep our quality to the highest standards possible and keep monitoring carefully the volatile situation in our industry and of our members.

In case of an emerging problem, ALFA will not hesitate to take legal advice and action in order to protect valued reputation and put our Payment Protection Program into reality for those companies facing a problem with their colleagues.

ALFA is not escaping from its responsibilities by announcing our members will never face any fall outs. This simply does not happen in our logistics industry and all of us forwarding veterans know this as a reality.

ALFA members do not jump out of the plane without a proper parachute …


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