No bonding system

Transparent insurance cover

Unlike other networks offering their membership a bonding system we refuse this solution as we offer a transparent insurance cover with ALFA.


As we want our members to have a transparent solution. We do not want to have the financial security of our members on an account in a fiscal paradise where nobody exactly knows what is happening.

When you are a member from another network, you should ask yourselves the following questions

1. Do you have the account details of your bonding system.
2. Do you know exactly who is having proxy on this account.
3. Do you feel relax with the person(s) holing the proxy for you.
4. Do you know how much money is on this account today.
5. Do you receive regular reports on this account, and have you taken the time to read it.
6. Do you know how much deposits where paid into this account last year.
7. Do you know how many payouts and for which amount have been executed last year

Let me give you the reply to the above questions … you do not know!!

This is the exact reason why ALFA applies a transparent insurance cover which is managed by an external independent insurance broker in which ALFA has no financial involvement whatsoever!!

Our transparent insurance cover is clear, published and available for all our members as from day 1 they are joining our logistics family alliance.

ALFA offers our members a neutral, independent, financial and transparent insurance cover!!


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