Membership fee

Enjoy our special launching conditions!!!

The official take off for ALFA was on October 1st. But we invite our members to apply with a special launching membership entrance fee.


Afterwards our members will receive additional incentives to their annual membership since ALFA will be applying a revolutionary membership fee structure which is not existing today in the industry of freight forwarding networks.

Details on the various programs, tools and benefits will be disclosed upon the official launching of the network early October.

How is it possible

…that a brand  new freight forwarding network can offer this to its members … ??
Simply because ALFA is a “non-profit” logistic facilitator and can built on the experience of the founders of the Atlas Logistic Network which is operational since 1998.

Unlike 90% of the existing freight forwarding networks in our industry, ALFA is not driven by a one person founder but by a conglomerate of logistics professionals who have earned their credit in the logistics industry since many decades. Our ambition is to serve our members and offer hem added values to their biz. requirements in an ever changing logistic world.

Reinvestment in development of ALFA

Future profits made by ALFA will be reinvested in the development of tools and programs with the only ambition to serve our members. Our sister network has a proven record of more than 15 years in the freight forwarding networks industry.

Go for long term relationships

In today’s freight forwarding networks industry, where there is a logistics network popping up at every street corner, only quality and reliability in combination with an inter- and proactive business environment will prove to be the only motive for a long term network membership … that’s the ALFA philosophy … go for quality not quantity!

As you can see we are not afraid from the competition since our values and especially our tools and programs will be unique and so will be our membership fee structure.


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