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Beside the regional HQ in Europe, the ALFA Logistics Family Alliance will also have regional offices in
Asia (Ho Chi Minh City), USA (Seattle) and the Middle East (Dubai). All of them equipped with extensive professional backgrounds and with decades of forwarding and logistic experience.

Our logistics family is represented every time zones from North to South and from East to West and our local representatives are there to assist our members with local issues in their markets.

Atlas Line – global trademark

The “Atlas Line” house bills of lading which will be offered upon launching of the ALFA Logistics Family Alliance on October 1st, 2015 has been a proven global trademark since 1998.

The NVOCC was founded in 1998 and has been since then operational. Through the years “Atlas Line” became a Foreign NVOCC registered company in the USA complying with all relevant rules and regulations of the US Federal Maritime Commission.

20.000 bills of lading

Until now, the “Atlas Line” house bills of lading has been the trade mark of the “Atlas Logistics Network” but in future also ALFA members will be enjoying the benefits of having their own network house bills of lading.

Atlas Logistic Network members are circulating over 20.000 house bills of lading on a global scale per year. As such the introduction of these house bills of lading within ALFA will definitely promote the network more in the near future.

Strong growth

Although the official start is only scheduled October 1st, 2015, today the ALFA Logistics Family Alliance has already more than 80 plus members … the ALFA network is growing very rapidly and wil reach 125 members within the first year …

Our target is to have 250 locations enrolled by the end of 2016 and as such providing our members a real return on investment and the confidence they showed in our network when they joined during the initial stage.

We will not let you down …

We keep focused that our future growth is realized only in the best interest of all of our ALFA members

The best is yet to come … enjoy the opportunity now!!

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