Full protection as from day 1

All members receive same financial protection

Since our network has screened members we can easily offer any of our members a financial protection as from day 1 they join our logistics family.

Unlike other networks who claim to screen their new reliable and professional members, most of them do not offer the same financial protection for the newcomers as they do for their long standing members.

As such they are favoring the existing members and give less opportunities to the newcomers in their logistic networks by giving a different financial protection. Sometimes member require to wait for five years before having a full financial payment security status … how fair is this when you are a screened member ??

Why are most forwarding & logistic networks unable to offer this cover??

* Because they are working with a bonding system and to not have sufficient financial resources
* Because they do not have trust in the members they have taken on board of their network.
* Because they absorb partly the insolvency premiums in their revenues

ALFA offers all members equal rights & possibilities to enjoy financial protection


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