Financial protection against insolvency

Network protection up to USD 250.000/annum!!!

Is getting paid by your overseas partners one of your main concerns in our industry today suffering from a global economic meltdown ?? … Let me then offer you the solution to your problem by introducing the ALFA network insolvency solution … !!

The network has an annual  aggregate network insolvency coverage of US$ 250.000,–

This coverage is unique in our logistic network industry as even the largest forwarding network on this planet today did not offer this to its members when they launched their network.

… and this is only the beginning … !!!

Different with our competitors we “do not” raise a bonding system by invoicing our members an annual fee for network insolvency which is then landing with the network management for supervision.

A colleague global network made a press release in 2013 and stated they had paid out over
US$ 1 million during a two years period and they were proud about it. We consider this as a lack of network quality which is unacceptable in our family.

We want our members to feel safe while doing business within their colleague ALFA members.

This is why the ALFA network is focusing on members offering reliability, credibility and quality.

Nothing more and nothing less … ALFA offers QUALITY.

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