Corner stone of our philosophy

Unique in our logistics industry!!!

ALFA considers our financial benefits a necessity and requirement of any professional forwarding & logistic network in our industry todays.

We consider the financial security of our members the corner stone to develop mutual business relationships in a safe environment not having to worry for their payments, but being able to focus on why the network is really created.

Activate pro-active business relationships.
Colleague networkers not meeting the ALFA financial benefits for their members cannot guarantee their members the financial safety you are looking for, and you could ask yourselves if this is a forwarding network where you want to be a member.

If the answer is … YES … please do not apply for membership with ALFA since your professional standards do not meet our requirements. There are plenty of logistic networks out there begging for your membership fee and joining them … but … under these circumstances we are not interested in your membership.

We consider our financial benefits the absolute minimum for any professional logistic network organization when offering forwarding network services to the industry!!

ALFA is there to set the standard for financial security within the global network industry.

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